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A New Way of Hiring: Midyear Recruiting Trends

Last year, the COVID-19 pandemic forever changed the way we live, work, and grow our businesses. Now, with half of US adults fully vaccinated and states moving toward full reopening, the economy is in recovery mode. Consumer spending is up, and sectors that were initially hit the hardest—like Leisure & Hospitality—are once again booming with new jobs.

The pre-pandemic way of recruiting employees, though, is no longer effective. Besides shifting to fully digitized recruiting processes, businesses are looking at talent pools with fresh perspectives. In a recent survey of JazzHR customers, 40% said they now prioritize adaptability as a top skill in candidates.

And alongside the economic resurgence, a new challenge has emerged—finding workers to staff businesses. From rising wages and industry pivots to childcare challenges and health anxieties, a number of factors are keeping candidates from applying to open roles. Just like job seekers, though, small and mid-sized businesses must lean on their ability to adapt in the face of change.

The most recent data from JazzHR’s 8,500+ SMB customer base reveals insightful trends for effective recruiting right now and going forward. Take a deep dive into understanding what this means for you and your team.

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