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How a Digital Marketing Agency Generated Skyrocketing Leads for its Clients

63% of the marketers find driving traffic and converting leads the biggest marketing challenge. For that reason, about 70% of businesses are turning to digital marketing. Strategic planning by a robust digital marketing agency helps businesses attain the online presence and website traffic they are yearning for. Check out how the #1 digital marketing agency helped its clients to attain unstoppable leads for their business.

Webspero Solutions is an award-winning digital marketing agency that has served more than 700 businesses with its 360 degrees approach. It’s a cost-effective agency whose expertise and knowledge have helped its clients attain 6.3 million leads.

The company has worked for several agencies like Couture Candy, Italian foods, Plum Goodness and many more exceptional brands and offered them showstopping SEO results. For example, after partnering with Webspero Solutions, Couture Candy experienced a 300% increase in their organic traffic, whereas Italian food saw a 159% boost in their website traffic in just one year.

Remarkable services that we offer for helping our clients to outrank their competitors

Search engine optimization

68% of online experiences begin with a search engine. Our SEO experienced specialists offer a rewarding SEO strategy that involves optimizing your website content from blogs to meta tags with the most relevant and volume driving keywords. So whether you are looking for SEO for healthcare, SEO for automotive, SEO for artists, SEO for restaurants, SEO for lawyers or SEO for other industries, we cover everything. Our SEO services include the following:

  • B2B SEO services

Our SEO specialists have a complete understanding of B2B operation. The focus is not just on sales but also on bringing maximum leads towards your website with maximum profit margins.

  • Ecommerce SEO services

At Webspero Solutions, we optimize your eCommerce website’s content, URL and images with relevant keywords ensuring that your website attains more than 68% of clicks on Google.

  • Shopify SEO services

The average bounce rate of Shopify stores is around 52%. We are a renowned SEO agency that will completely change this scenario for your Shopify store. We bring leads that will surely purchase from you.

  • WordPress SEO Services

Webspero Solutions has a team of technical SEO experts who will generate higher traffic and sales towards your wordpress website using powerful analytics tools.

  • WooCommerce SEO services

We optimize your WooCommerce website for more than 200 algorithms from Google making it irresistible to leave for your customers, and hence there is a boost in sales.

  • Local SEO services

Google searches for local information account for 46% of all searches. Our locl SEO services improve your brand’s local visibility and conversions by optimizing your site with keywords based on local searches.


Webspero Solutions demand a hyperbolic growth of your website so that your business acquires the maximum profit. After bringing sustainable organic traffic towards your website, our PPC experts increases your brand visibility through paid advertising in the following ways:

  • Google Ads

Our PPC campaign involves introducing your website to the best Google search ad channel to propel your business ROI.

  • Display Ads

Our PPC specialists understand your display ad requirements and run all your interstitial ads, video ads and banner ads for better CTRs, reach and impressions.

  • Programmatic ads

Our programmatic ads campaign monitors your money spent on ads and uses state-of-the-art tools to optimize your ads for lower costs and increased reach.

  • Shopping ads

Webspero Solutions optimizes your ads with rich attributes about your products to convince your target audience to purchase from you. We cover everything from Flipkart to Amazon and boost your ROI using strategies like remarketing.

  • Social media ads

We are a strategic PPC advertising company that brings more traffic towards your website by creating more channels using social media ads like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat etc., ensuring your business’s long-term success.

  • LinkedIn, Pinterest & Twitter Ads

We help you create an engaging community by expanding your brand awareness through LinkedIn, Pinterest & Twitter ads.

  • YouTube & Video Ads

With over 30 million daily visitors, YouTube is the second most popular website after Google. Our PPC experts devise cost-effective ways for expanding your YouTube video’s subscribers and reach while staying within your budget.


A poor website interface can cost you 90% of your users. With the assistance of our expert developers, your business can get rid of this issue and run at full pace. You will receive a high-functional and engaging web page that will captivate your customers’ attention in no time. We offer services like Shopify web design, WordPress web design, BigCommerce web design and make you the recipient of the highest ROI.


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