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Business transformation through digital modernization

Delivering business agility and control

Building a modern business means protecting the privacy of your customers, securing your data and digital assets, and maintaining regulatory compliance. Unfortunately, these concerns can sometimes run counter to your other business objectives. Without the proper strategies, processes, and technology in place, security and privacy controls can slow
down performance, reduce agility, and increase costs.

We understand that you need the right tools to enable your development teams while ensuring you have the controls and guardrails to do your job successfully. That’s why we offer the AWS Cloud Operations Model—to eliminate the need for you to choose between faster innovation and firm control over cost, compliance, and security.

Migrating and modernizing with AWS

When migrating applications and data to the cloud, organizations often start with mission-critical workloads that consume the most resources on-premises and in data centers. Over 1 million active customers have chosen AWS to help them do just that—quickly, strategically, and cost-effectively. At AWS, we have more than 10 years of direct customer experience with thousands of the world’s largest enterprises migrating Windows, SAP, VMware, and Oracle workloads. This experience has helped us design and hones our tools, guidance, services, and programs to simplify workload renovation for our customers.

AWS customers can choose from industry-leading free resources, AWS Professional Services, and more than 170 certified AWS Migration Competency Partners to guide your migration and modernization journey.


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