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5 Tips To Boost Your Business Marketing

Ultimately, the best way to do that is to understand your target market and what they want. That is the foundation of marketing, and it won’t change.

What has changed is how we meet and make those customer connections. That said, here are 5 business marketing tips to consider.

1. Online events

Product launches, seminars, webinars are excellent ways to reach new customers and clients while talking up your brand to your existing audience. Online events provide brands with plenty of opportunities. They allow you to gather data on your attendees, which you can use to build customer profiles to sell better.

You don’t need to purchase third-party information or hope it’s accurate; you can build a stronger relationship with potential customers with your data. Don’t expect your online events to produce massive revenue at the start, but it’s a long-term building block.

2. Social media

Paid ads are a valuable way to reach your target audience. Most social media platforms offer the option; you need to take advantage of their algorithms with carefully placed paid promotions.

When we talk about social media audiences, it’s essential to understand that the audience is ultimately ‘owned’ by their platform. So, while it’s helpful to advertise on social media and build a following, you must take steps to own your audience.

You need to ensure your message gets to the right people. And though social media is a must, it can be challenging to overcome algorithms. It may appear on the proper timelines, but it may get lost with so much other noise on the page.

Custom content is going to be massively crucial in 2022 and moving forward. There are hundreds of millions of tweets daily, and millions of businesses use social media ads.

It’s a lot to compete with, so you need to follow up with newsletters to solidify the connection. The key is to create personalised content relevant to the person’s inbox you targeted.

3. Create helpful content

Your brand may live or die based on the content you produce. To build web traffic and retain visitors, you need great content. As important as creating new content constantly, you can make as many waves by updating your existing content.

Take a look at which content has worked best for you and use that as a guide to creating more content. Then, revisit those popular pages and posts to update old information with new visuals or data.

You can also take old content and repurpose it as an infographic or webinar. Finally, take it further by transforming old blog posts into a report or even a short eBook.

4. Be a storyteller

Storytelling should be a natural part of brand-building and marketing. Flowery words are lovely but show and tell your audience why your product or service is excellent. Good storytelling is an excellent way to market a product’s features, benefits, and incentives.

According to Richard Perrin, the Director of Paramark, “It isn’t the hard sell, so many people hate; it’s a memorable message that makes them want to know more. How will it improve their life, what can it do for them, or how will it achieve a goal?”

5. Diversify

Realistically, your marketing budget won’t allow you to roll out ads everywhere all at once. You have to start by understanding your audience and selecting the channels where they spend most of their time.

Almost 80% of people use some form of social media. More importantly, YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn have a high dwell-time, which means it’s the ideal place to market your business.

When you diversify your options, it gives you a greater chance of cutting through the noise. But, you can’t diversify until you know where to find your target audience. You won’t find the 65+ crowd on TikTok, but it’s where you will find the 18-24s.

The key to successfully marketing your business? It’s staying on top of trends and looking for opportunities to help you stand out. You need to adjust your priorities, yes, but it’s all about staying on top of your marketing campaigns and being flexible in how you reach your audience.


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