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The High-Volume Hiring Toolkit : Maintaining Quality as You Scale

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused hiring freezes, redundancies, and mass job loss. After a 31% decline in candidate volume as a result of COVID-19, job seeker traffic has rebounded above pre-coronavirus levels. This represents a huge opportunity for businesses looking to rebuild or add to their workforce.

The uncertainty that surrounded recruitment and hiring is starting to dissipate for some parts of the economy. Certain industries like construction and healthcare, are experiencing high demand as a result of reopening, prompting businesses to adapt and restaff. For these sectors and many others, now is the time to prepare for and embrace the new hiring landscape.

With an increase in both job openings and applications, many are facing periods of high-volume hiring. In order to fill open roles with the best-fit candidates, businesses must act both quickly and strategically to secure top talent.

But with hurried hiring comes the risk of lowered quality. According to a CareerBuilder survey, one bad hire can cost a business around $17,000 on average. The negative effects extend beyond monetary value, too. A bad hire can also impact your productivity, company culture, and reputation.

So before you extend offers, follow these best practices to reach good quality candidates when you’re in high-volume hiring mode.

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