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5 Uses for Revenue Intelligence B2B Businesses

Revenue intelligence is the process of using artificial intelligence (AI) to gather, sync, and analyses data from sales, marketing, and customer success in order to create revenue.

It is an effective revenue operations solution that enables businesses to make metrics-driven choices by fostering collaboration amongst their customer-facing departments (marketing, sales, and customer success). Every aspect of a business works together to increase revenue since that is the ultimate goal. The problem, though, is that every company function operates using a separate set of strategies and goals, and in most situations, such goals seldom ever result in increased revenue.

How can I begin using Revenue Intelligence?

Here is how you deploy a revenue intelligence framework for your business:

  1. Identify the existing issues and requirements:

Before adopting a procedure that fundamentally alters the operational and strategic approach of your company, it is essential to ascertain what exactly is lacking, where the issues originate, what is causing them, and what capabilities and features could be needed to solve them all.

Business processes vary not just from B2B to B2C but also from industry to industry within B2B in terms of their nature and execution.

Every company has a unique set of operating principles and visions, which result in a unique set of needs for every single company. Knowing all of this will assist you in taking the further steps necessary for a seamless integration of Revenue Intelligence into your company’s operations.

2. Pick a revenue intelligence system that works for you:

Systems for revenue intelligence are not all created equal. There are several solution providers who sell Revenue Intelligence products on the market. You must make an effort to design a system that meets all of your needs, solves all of the problems you now have, and serves your corporate goal. Depending on your use case, numerous items can be required. Visit our product page to set up a call with us if you want to learn more about how Sales panel can assist.

How efficiently a product connects with other software and systems that your company already uses to support various business tasks is a crucial factor to take into account when purchasing products. For instance, Sales panel seamlessly interacts with CRMs like Pipedrive and Salesforce and many more programmed via API or Zapier. We also develop specialized business solutions.

3. Consider using the following procedures to guarantee company flexibility:

The implementation of a system that will cause numerous operational changes both within and across a business’s activities might be disruptive.

Therefore, avoiding or at the very least minimizing any downtime caused by the update should be the goal. This may be accomplished by putting in place flexible measures in advance to ease the transition between the Revenue Intelligence system’s launch and full deployment.

4. Phased implementation of the Revenue Intelligence system:

It is generally ideal to roll out a system that implements changes gradually across the whole organization. This strategy not only reduces transitory turbulence but also provides the staff some time to adapt and become accustomed to the new system. A staged rollout also enables you to monitor and evaluate the impact of each Revenue Intelligence can provide or function on certain processes and tasks.

5. Measure and optimize:

After the Revenue Intelligence system has been properly established and integrated into your company’s activities and operations, you should give it some time to run while you monitor the changes it makes to the performance of your company.

At the conclusion of the time, evaluate all performance changes and compare them to the organization’s goals for revenue growth. Make adjustments to modify the course if the performance does not match the goals. Continue the agreement as soon as the revenue growth gains meet your goals. To further optimize the system and make further enhancements, performance must be assessed at predetermined intervals.


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