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When Would You use an Email Nurture Program vs. Email Drip?

Nurture email work best when the target audience has already made up their mind or were thinking of trying your products. The emails are only meant to trigger emotions and convince them to click the purchase button. Nurture campaigns are highly recommended for established brands looking to increase sales.

What Are the Goals of Email Nurture Campaigns?

Bring Cold Leads to Life

The program can detect cold leads in your database. You can use email nurture programs to re-engage them and convince them to try your products.

Increase Conversion Rate

You can use this program to convert leads to buyers. The program works best when the leads have already made up their mind that they will soon try your products. Email nurture will convince them to try them sooner.

Retain Existing Customers

One of the secrets to a successful marketing campaign is attracting new leads while maintaining the existing ones. An email nurture program allows you to engage buyers and convince them to keep coming back.

Best Practices in Implementing an Email Nurture Program

Map Out the Flow of the Program

This stage involves planning how many emails you wish to send per program and how to funnel down your leads to the next level.

Define Your Goals

You should determine what you wish to gain from the program. This could either be to bring dormant leads to life or to convert existing leads to buyers. Defining your goals will help you craft relevant emails.

Create Clear Content

The message should be clear and concise. Ensure that it is engaging and relevant to your target audience and go straight to the point.

Timing is Everything

Be careful when sending the emails to ensure that you send them at an ideal time.

Track Your Campaign

You can incorporate tracking tools to check the performance of your campaign. This will also help you determine user interest and help you come up with relevant content.

Take Away

From this information on email drip vs. email nurture, it is evident that both programs come with their distinct goals and benefits. You should establish what you wish to achieve from the campaign to determine which one is more relevant to your business. You may also incorporate both at different stages.

If you are still unsure about this, you can contact us for further guidance. We are experts in email marketing automation, and you can trust that we will help you incorporate this for maximum results.


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