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What is the difference between Confluence and SharePoint?

The methods used to manage the content are continuously evolving in the market with the availability of multiple tools. Is it easier to adopt tools for your business? Do you need experts to integrate these tools into your organization?

Have you heard about SharePoint vs. Confluence? These are becoming the strong products in the market, and we will be exploring them in detail here.

What are SharePoint and Confluence?

SharePoint is a website-based collaboration system that helps businesses to maintain workflow. It gives a platform to control access to the information and automate various processes across the organization. It has many integration capabilities to enhance the productivity of the organization.

Some noteworthy features of SharePoint are:

  • Cost-Effective: SharePoint provides a cloud environment. There are no bigger investments to maintain a smooth workflow.
  • Great Accessibility: It lets users access the information easier, more seamless, and quicker. Your team members can access the documents from any location. This helps to get greater productivity and efficiency.
  • Seamless Integration: Be it Excel, PowerPoint, Word, or Excel, everything can be integrated with SharePoint. This makes it highly compatible with multiple platforms and browsers.
  • Security: SharePoint online is accessible anywhere and anytime by authorized users. This paves the way to better safeguarding, security of sensitive information, and data integrity on the store.
  • Updates: Organization does not have to worry about system updates. SharePoint provides automatic updates and keeps you connected with the latest trends and features.
  • Mobile Connectivity: Users can access the SharePoint website from any mobile device or tablet; they need an internet connection. You can read and modify the content on the website.

Confluence is a product that works as a collaboration tool designed for sharing, working, and storing. It empowers the users to create project plans, notes, gather project requirements, and do other tasks that help teams work together.

When you need to deal with spreadsheets, presentations, documents, and all from different places, let us look at the features of this platform:

  • Content Management: It helps create dynamic content by inserting images of various sizes. Using versioning and history, you can use Confluence to build an infinite number of pages. The history helps to know the number of changes done by the users.
  • Space Management: It offers unlimited virtual space for an organization. The space helps various departments like marketing, finance, development, human resource, and more.
  • Add-Ons: This feature ensures that the integration of powerful add-ons provides great solutions and features. The team calendar helps to plan the project and track the progress accordingly.
  • Website Management: The users are capable of importing the pages or spaces from the text files. Admins can export the text files into PDF and HTML. Confluence provides the feature to keep the backup of the content daily.
  • User Management: It follows industry standards and practices. As an admin, you can manage permissions to each user and group to view, edit, and comment on the content.

Where should you use Confluence?

  • It is easier to get your hands on this platform as it has a shallow learning curve for new users.
  • The interface is user-friendly that increases the productivity of the users
  • It is seamlessly integrated with other Atlassian products
  • Confluence tool is easier to manage, navigate, and organize the content
  • The search function is more reliable and intuitive
  • Confluence is set up and maintained by a non-technical person

Where should you use SharePoint?

  • SharePoint can be effortlessly integrated with Microsoft products.
  • It provides advanced customized choices when compared to Confluence
  • The platform provides better document version management and navigation with the help of the SharePoint list form.
  • It has built-in workflows to ensure seamless solutions for the organization
  • SharePoint is highly affordable and comes with some free plans for business
  • With the help of SharePoint Consultan, you get to integrate the best features to ensure delivering the right solutions for your business

What is the difference between SharePoint and Confluence?

Let us look at some ground rules to understand the difference between Confluence and SharePoint:

1. Complexity

Confluence does not have many features, as Atlassian adds more features and functionalities. SharePoint is more robust as it has more features that increase the difficulty of learning the software.

2. Compatibility

Confluence is used for mobile apps and browsers compatible, which gets support on Windows, Linux, Mac, and more. SharePoint is compatible with mobile applications, and there is no text editor.

3. Pricing

Confluence gives you a free trial for a minimum of 10 users with unlimited access to add-ons and wiki pages with 2 GB storage, and the pricing begins from $10 per month. SharePoint does not have a free version or trials. It has $5 per month for each user with the basic feature support. It also provides more features and bigger business opportunities.

4. Knowledge Management

Confluence is focused on managing documents and making it easier to share Office docs, images, PDFs, and more. SharePoint is a document management tool that makes working and modifying the content easier.

5. Usage

Confluence editing allows editing documents that are saved automatically and edited by various users simultaneously. It is available for cloud-based and server solutions. In SharePoint, collaborating is done in the document library through the applications and browsers.

6. Working Environment

Confluence is perfect for small to medium-size businesses. It is not suitable for an organization-level environment. SharePoint works well for every business scale, whether it is small, medium, or enterprise level.

7. Customers

Few users of Confluence are Netflix, Skype, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Adobe. While organizations using SharePoint are Toyota, NPL, and D & M, group.

The Final Conclusion!

We know that the battle of SharePoint vs. Confluence has been going on for a long. With the above information, you might know which tool will be highly efficient for your business. The final take is totally dependent on your business’s usage, requirements, and targets.


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