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Why Meme Marketing is a Good Option for Your B2B Brand?

Meme marketing may be a terrific method to offer brands a more contemporary personality and set a business apart from its rivals. The marketing strategy also adds a human element to a company, which increases its relatability, and it’s an excellent approach to boosting word-of-mouth advertising.

Before we get started on the “how,” let’s focus on the “why” of meme marketing.

Why Should a B2B Brand Participate in Memes?

Better Customer Engagement:

Thought-provoking infographics and informative articles are fantastic, they frequently lack a human and enjoyable factor. Memes can effectively close this gap and increase client engagement. In the end, the businesses your brand targets are people who enjoy a little humor now and then. Your brand voice may be spread in unexpected areas by relatable memes.


Memes are affordable when seen as a secondary marketing tactic because they don’t require specialized equipment or specialized knowledge to create. All you need is a decent sense of humor.

Away from the Herd:

Memes are typically avoided by B2B marketers, so if you used them in your marketing efforts, you would stand out from the crowd. Your brand would have a more current, fashionable personality that would encourage word-of-mouth advertising.

How to Go About Your Meme Marketing Campaign?

You must first determine the pain areas of your target demographic before attempting meme marketing. You want people to chuckle at your humorous postings and spread them around as well. Ensure that the memes don’t offend anyone’s feelings since your brand would only suffer as a result.

Let’s take you through some tips to start off meme marketing:

  • Take a peek at other influencers who have mastered the art of creating memes before you create your first one. You can keep up with trends and find popular meme templates by following relevant social media accounts and pages.
  • Create a meme that reflects your brand and the sector you work in. The source of the humor should be appropriate and appealing to your audience. Send the meme to 10 or 20 individuals to get their feedback before posting it to be safe. You’d best ignore it if they deem it unimportant or improper.
  • A meme may not be as “viral” now as it was a month ago since memes come and go. It’s essential that you stay current with trends and take prompt action when necessary. You need to strike the iron while it’s hot if you want your memes to be the second-most popular ones on the internet.

Memes, in all honesty, can be both helpful and problematic. Therefore, it is advised that B2B companies utilize memes as a marketing tactic, but they should constantly assess whether the move is helping them or harming their brand image.




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