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Esri Uses Kimble for Confident and Collaborative Business Planning, From Resourcing to Revenue Recognition

Established in 1969, Esri is a global software company specializing in geographic information system (GIS) software, location intelligence, spatial analytics and mapping. Esri’s Software helps customers unlock the full potential of data to improve operational and business results. Esri began looking for a PSA in 2017 when it became clear that overly-manual resourcing processes would not scale given the growth projections for the company. Today, Esri uses Kimble PSA as their source of truth for engagement and resourcing data. The team is enabled to make more strategic and impactful decisions, which have resulted in:

  • Significant expansion of services division with over 350 new hires successfully onboarded since 2018
  • Improvement in billable utilization which drives additional services revenue
  • Increased confidence in the accuracy of financial projections such as estimate at complete (EAC) and revenue forecast
  • Improved communication and collaboration despite remote work during Covid-19

What started as a search for a tool to help with resourcing soon proved to be much greater. Esri quickly recognized the true potential of PSA — to empower leaders to make strategic and proactive decisions that have the potential to significantly move the needle and impact business performance & customer success.

“The real game changer of Kimble is the windshield view of our plans,” said Ochs of the impact Kimble has had. “Any accounting system will tell you where you’ve been, but Kimble gives us an accurate, up-to-date, living, and breathing plan. Kimble shows us our future demand — if we see staffing challenges coming, we can turn some dials to hire and proactively make decisions that will influence the future.”

Today, Esri looks forward with confidence knowing the data fueling financial projections, estimates, and forecasts is up-to-date, accurate, comprehensive, and reliable. Kimble PSA has enabled Esri to grow internally, deliver quality products and services and streamline the entire resource management process — all while improving utilization, and maximizing services revenue.

“We couldn’t have done business the way we do it today without Kimble,” said Brad Johnson, Business Execution Department Manager at Esri. “Communication used to be really good locally (within your hallway or office) but Kimble has driven communication globally. This became increasingly important during the pandemic as we weren’t in the office and we needed a tool we could use to collaborate. From a resourcing perspective, having Kimble was huge.”

Sarah Edwards, Kimble’s Chief Product & Strategy Officer, reports: “Esri has seen great results from Kimble and has been very diligent in working with Kimble to deliver even more potential, with Kevin Ochs serving on our Enterprise Advisory Board (EAB). We love how committed Esri’s team is in feeding back on the product and fueling improvement and innovation.”


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