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2022 Marketing: That Moves at the Speed of Innovation

Marketing Innovate around what will help other consumers and customers operate faster themselves.
Disruption happens overnight :
Mark Zuckerberg’s oft-repeated mantra of “move fast and break things” has become a rallying cry for new and old firms as they strive to stay on top, challenge industry incumbents, or be the first to bring an altogether new idea to market. Technology marketers must be equally adaptable in an age where disruption is the norm. However, the bulk of fast tech marketers has gone into autopilot mode, relying on traditional marketing strategies to create demand, such as email blasts, programmatic advertising, content syndication, etc. The problem is that these automated transactions were designed to be predictable.

Bring your brand to life :

Let’s take a breather. How does a tech buyer decide what to buy? We could all go home if it was as simple as comparing speeds and feeds between suppliers. Today’s technology acquisitions are complicated, multi-stakeholder procedures that go far beyond just meeting specifications. It is a decision to begin a long-term collaboration and, particularly with developing technology, a complete shift in the way business is done. Convincing corporations to make this type of transformation requires more than meticulous product details. It needs vision, a clear explanation of the why behind the what, and trust-building events.

Flawless CX from the start :

A marketing failure is more than just a missed chance for interaction; it also jeopardizes your total reputation. Your marketing should back up your company’s promises of dependability, customized service, and overall ease of doing business. At the same time, you have a business to operate, and you don’t have time to polish every email, landing page, or white paper.

So, how can you strike the appropriate balance between doing things correctly and getting them done? ON24 makes it failsafe by providing an interactive digital experience that the audience controls.

Personalize the content with real-time conversations :

There are several difficulties that can result from simulating one-on-one discussions with a one-size-fits-all strategy. You know what I mean… when you visit a vendor’s website and your company’s emblem appears, but the automated service detecting the IP address has an outdated description that inaccurately guesses your industry. That’s what happens when your priorities are automation over your audience. We at ON24 think that personalization should begin with the individual you are attempting to reach. That means focusing on making interactions within a content experience dynamic and flexible enough.

Decipher Digital Body Language :

ON24 analyses each attendee’s interactions across all events to help you understand an individual’s participation for the rest of their life. This qualitative data enables you to go beyond the surface-level clicks or views offered by other traditional marketing approaches to understanding your audience’s digital body language, exposing important indications for rapid action.

ON24 offers you precise information on each audience member and every action they performed as soon as your webinar is done. Every engagement indicator is tracked and rated, from materials downloaded to content watched to poll participation, to help you effectively pick your top leads.

Inform Action and Trigger Workflows :

Prospect intelligence is only the beginning of a more focused sales follow-up. ON24, with the broadest network of technology partners, assists you in using this strong engagement data across your whole marketing operation.

Once the connectors are in place, you can use the ON24 engagement score, which is a strong indicator of intent, in your lead scoring model. At ON24, we drink our own champagne, and our marketing team discovered that adding engagement to our scoring model increased the percentage of completed meetings by sales by 90%. As a result, marketing becomes a substantial source of highly qualified leads, increasing the total ROI of marketing programmers.

Generate leads far beyond your live webinar :

ON24 Engagement Platform provides configurable content gateways for promoting on-demand webinars, videos, and textual material in an easy-to-use, branded platform.

You may offer suggested content and numerous gating choices with your bespoke gateway to promote more marketing touchpoints. Furthermore, ON24 delivers comprehensive data on all on-demand content consumption, allowing you to follow your leads as they interact with your material.

Keep deals moving as fast as your business :

Don’t just take our word for it—according to Sirius Decisions, a Martsch analytics organization, webinar marketing campaigns are the greatest method to start and keep sales going. And our customers, ranging from start-up tech firms to business behemoths, tell us that ON24 webinars generate more pipeline and revenue than any other marketing channel.

The ON24 Engagement Platform has been built to capitalize on that effect and help you to generate and expedite the pipeline so that your transactions may move as quickly as your business.



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